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The charcoal-gray dialed Speedtimer is inspired by Seiko’s and Japan’s first chronograph wristwatch, the Crown Chronograph from 1964. The 1964 Crown Chronograph was designed from scratch and it marked the beginning of Seiko’s chronograph wristwatch manufacturing.

It had a simple one-push mechanism but it amply demonstrated the same commitment to precision as would Caliber 6139 and all its successors with the inclusion of a column wheel to control the start, stop and reset functions.

The new Speedtimer incorporates a new movement from Seiko’s most advanced chronograph 8R series, Caliber 8R46.

Photo of 1964 Crown chronograph

1964 Crown Chronograph

Photo of SRQ037J1 SEIKO PROSPEX Dial


The dial design is a subtle nod to the 1964 Crown Chronograph. Its beveled hour markers, sharp hour and minute hands with colored Lumibrite, its chronograph pushers, and markers on the outer dial ring echo the design of the original.
The chronograph second hand is gently curved down towards the dial so that the tip of the hand is as close as possible to the dial’s markers and extends to the tachymeter markings at the very edge of the dial, thus ensuring that elapsed time can be read accurately at a glance.

Photo of SRQ037J1 SEIKO PROSPEX Push buttons & Crown

Push buttons & Crown

The construction of the chronograph pushers ensures the high level of operability crucial to a Prospex sports watch.

Photo of SRQ037J1 SEIKO PROSPEX Bracelet


The watch is presented on a stainless steel bracelet that is specially designed and constructed for the series. Its thickness, weight, and low center of gravity ensure stability and a high level of comfort on the wrist.

Photo of SRQ037J1 SEIKO PROSPEX New Movement Caliber 8R46

New Movement Caliber 8R46

This watch is equipped with a new movement from Seiko’s most advanced chronograph 8R series, Caliber 8R46. It shares the same performance attributes as Caliber 8R48 but incorporates two sub-dials instead of three and has a date window at the six o’clock position.

The vertical clutch and column wheel ensure precision and durability which are the hallmarks of the 8R Caliber series. The escapement is lightweight and strong, thanks to the use of MEMS technology which enhances the stability of the watch’s precision. With the push of the reset button, the hands return back to zero instantly and in perfect synchronization.