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For this PADI Special Edition, two things really do stand out. First is the fantastic dial pattern. It is a pattern that reminds us of the globe pattern seen on the Aquanaut. Labeled online as a bit ‘busy’ by some based on the release pictures, I can safely say that it looks very fresh in real life. There is a lot happening on the dial, and quite some text as well, however dial legibility overall is excellent. This is of course exactly as you would expect from a PADI edition.

The bezel also features a splash of color. It plays superbly with the colored minutes hand of course. The particular shade of blue just doesn’t happen to look nice. PADI releases always have a function in mind, and this blue color is supposed to be highly legible when submerged as well. Other than functionality, the subtle touch of color also visually lightens and brightens up the overall watch. More monotone grenade dial Turtle feels visually bigger than this PADI edition.