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Today we like to introduce to you a hybrid diver that based on an ever-so-popular model in Seiko's archive from 1982. It is where John Matrix (played by Arnold) got one on his wrist while blasting away the massive M202A1 Flash rocket launcher in "Commando" - the Prospex PADI Hybrid Diver "Arnie".

The Prospex PADI Hybrid Diver "Arnie" Ref. SBEQ003 is a faithful remake of the Seiko's H558-5009 that became iconic when Arnold Schwarzenegger favored it in his famous 1980s movies like the Commando and Predator. Hollywood talks aside, the H558-5009 was quickly recalled as the first Ana-Digi dive watch that has a digital alarm chronograph with an analog time display. Ana-Digi divers were famous back in the '80s, and Seiko and others were producing different variants and got onto action movies as they were "appropriate" professional tool watches. 

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) is the world’s leading scuba diver training organization. Both started out serving the diving industry in 1965, and to celebrate this special relationship, Seiko introduced the Prospex PADI Turtle 200M Automatic Blue/Red in 2018 to the Japanese market. It is no wonder the new Prospex Turtles are so popular among Seiko and dive watch collectors.