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Back in 2010, a Seiko mechanical watch inspired by the glamour of the cocktail bar and designed especially for the Japanese market started to attract attention on the world's watch blogs, forums, and websites. In the months and years that followed, the watch became famous, and it has come to be coveted by Seiko fans all over the world. Today, we offer a series in our all-mechanical Presage collection that is based on this watch. In doing so, we bow delightedly to the wishes of Seiko enthusiasts, and we raise our grateful cocktail glasses to them all.

The new Presage Cocktail Time models just released this year is part of the Presage collection, which was launched by Seiko in 2016. Riding on the successful launch of the limited edition “Starlight” duos (SARY085/087), that feature a fantastic night-sky blue dial and the flowery cream white versions dubbed “Sakura Hubuki” based on International Bar Association World Champion, bartender Hisashi Kishi’s cocktails. 



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