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The 1960s is widely known as the golden era for watches, especially for dive watches. As the technology for diving equipment advances, the demand for watches with increased diving capabilities becomes increasingly crucial. As one of the pioneers of dive watches, Seiko holds a rich history in developing reliable and robust timekeeping instruments for the most serious professional divers. Seiko gained enormous respect from divers all around the world, setting a global standard with their advanced horological innovations.

In 1965, Seiko unveiled Japan’s first-ever dive watch - the legendary 150 meters automatic Seiko Ref. 62MAS. This paved the way for many incredible Seiko dive watches in the subsequent years that remain iconic even today. One of the most prominent models would be the highly sought after Seiko Ref. 6159-7001, released in 1968 as Japan’s first hi-beat diver distinguished by the high-frequency caliber that operates at 36,000 beats per hour for greater precision. 

Fast forward to the present, Seiko released their latest generation of 200M professional diver watches pays tribute to the historic Seiko Ref. 6159-7001, staying true to its distinctive case shape and dial design. The Seiko Prospex 200M Automatic “Baby MM Reduced” Ref. SPB187J1 is Seiko’s newest iteration of diver inspired by the 1968 model following its predecessor, the Seiko “Baby MM” Ref. SBDC063. With this said, this latest edition incorporates compelling new internal and external upgrades to look forward to